Behind The Vessel


It all started when...

Making ceramic art became my passion in college. On a whim, I took an introductory ceramics class my freshman year and was hooked. I graduated from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky in 2007 with a degree in studio art, emphasis on ceramics. After receiving my degree, I honed my skills as a production potter at Pigeon River Pottery in Tennessee. In 2010 I relocated to Asheville, North Carolina to establish myself as an artist and begin my own studio. Since then I have grown in my creative direction and found a home in North Carolina's ceramic community. It is my hope that my passion and love for pots is conveyed in each piece that I create. 

One of the most important aspects about the way I work is that I am always aware of splitting my time between development and execution. When learning something new(a form, technique) it takes sufficient practice to be able to execute freely. It has been profound in helping me determine successful forms, while deciding if that form fits my intended aesthetic. That's what I've always called "zen-ing out".  That is my favorite place to be.  However, when learning something new, there is excitement in "playing", trying new things and having freedom to go wherever creativity leads.  That lends itself to the inherent duality of making pots; soft vs hard, theory vs practice, learning vs execution.